Where can I buy Aviator watch?

Please, follow this link to find out all our retailers worldwide: RETAILERS

Where can I obtain Aviator catalogue?

You can either obtain Aviator catalogue from your local retailer or download it on our website. Please, follow this link: CATALOGUE

How can I get the user manual for my watch?

The user manual is provided with each watch sold. Alternatively, you can download it through our website. Please, follow this link: USER MANUAL

Where can I have my Aviator watch repaired?

We strongly recommend getting maintenance for Aviator watch only from authorized service center. You may find all our authorized service centers worldwide following this link: SERVICE CENTERS

How to ensure that watch continues to work perfectly for years?

We have gathered a list of advice to follow in order to keep your watch in perfect conditions. Please, follow this link to access the list of advice: WATCH CARE

What is the difference between mechanical and quartz watch?

A mechanical watch is powered by mechanical movement to measure the time as opposed to quartz watches, which function electronically. Mechanical movement is driven by a spring, which must be winded. Automatic movement gets its winding transferred by movement of the arm as opposed to hand-winding movement that has to be manually winded periodically. The complicated technology of mechanical watch has been developed for ages and until now represents the peak of watchmaking.

Quartz watches get their power in general from a battery until the end of battery’s lifetime. Then the battery has to be changed. The unique characteristic of a quartz watch is high precision and no need for winding.

Which level of accuracy does Aviator watch have?

Quartz watches are extremely accurate, because of their high frequency vibrations. The daily variation should be less than a second per day.

Accuracy of mechanical watches depend on the type of movement and wearer habits. Normally an average deviation accounts for -10 / +15 seconds per day.

How long is the lifetime of a watch battery?

Normally it lasts from two to five years, depending on the type of watch and wearers habits. For example, a person who uses chronograph function frequently will have higher energy consumption than the wearer who does not use it much.