The history of the club begins in 2001 when the enthusiast Vitaly Robertus, who flew radio-controlled model aircrafts powered by impellers, encountered the innovation of that time, the first jet turbine for model aircrafts. Such innovation triggered the rise of radio-controlled jet model history.

The breakthrough in the aeromodelling society encouraged Vitaly and his friends to organize RUSJET club with aim to popularize jet aeromodelling in Russia.

Today the club is a member of International Jet Model Committee (IJMC) and not only active participant of international and regional tournaments, but also active sponsor. The pilots of RUSJET have already created numerous jet models and won several tournament trophies. The culmination of club's history is the 1st prize in World Championships 2011 and 2013 won by Vitaly Robertus.

Aviator shares RUSJET values and always supports them in their endeavors. All members of the club wear Aviator watches and provide new ideas for product development. In 2013 RUSJET and Aviator created limited edition model to highlight important event such as Jet Model World Championship 2013 in Switzerland.