Aerobatic team «Swifts»

The Swifts is formerly a Soviet and now Russian aerobatic performance demonstrator team connected with the Russian Air Force. The Swifts aerobatic team has conducted more than 100 demonstration flights each year since 1991 – the date when it was officially established. 

Its pilots have visited in excess of 28 foreign states. In 1993 the Swifts aerobatic team took part in the LIMA '93 air show in Malaysia and was awarded the title of the World's Best Aerobatic Team, while in 1997 Team Commander - Nikolay Dyatel won the first prize in solo flying at an international air show in Finland. There are only two aerobatic teams in the world flying real military aircrafts: Russian Swifts and American Blue Angels. The Swifts are honoured to fly renowned MIG-29 fighter.

Since 2006 Aviator brand is official partner of Swifts aerobatic team. Aviator logos are on the cabins and tails of all team planes, and each member of the team wears Aviator branded pilot suits. The pilots coordinate their activities, using Aviator chronographs, which successfully satisfy the needs of the team members. Aviator watches have a proven track record of working under conditions of high speed, altitude and the forces of thrust.